Retail Energy Software Platform

Joule Broker is an end-to-end software platform for managing the retail energy ecosystem.

Platform Applications

What is the Joule Broker Platform made up of? The Joule Broker Platform is composed of independent applications that all work together to power the ecosystem. You can use one of our platform applications, or you can have your custom application integrated and certified to work with the platform.

Broker Application

Gives retail energy brokers the tools necessary to manage the entire retail energy contract lifecycle. Through the platform, brokers can interact with customers, verification companies and suppliers.

Verification Application

Gives verification companies the tools necessary to manage the verification requests provided by brokers through the platform. Also makes it easy to share recorded verification calls with clients.

Supplier Application

Suppliers are able to interact with brokers and verification companies electronically, while streamlining all processes, such as Daily Matrix Pricing, Requests for Proposals, Enrollments and Commissions.

Customer Portal

Residential and commercial consumers can self-enroll in choice plans, or renew expiring plans. Consultants and aggregators can use the portal to manage energy contracts for larger companies.

Platform Users

Who can benefit from using the platform? A variety of companies in the retail energy industry can benefit from using the Joule Broker Platform. From energy brokers, suppliers, consumers, managers, consultants, aggregators and third-party verification companies...just to name a few.

Energy Brokers

Do you sell retail energy on behalf of energy suppliers? Learn how the platform can improve your sales organization's efficiency, while also increasing your cash flow.

Energy Suppliers

Are you a supplier of retail energy in the deregulated marketplace? Learn how the platform can improve your broker relationships as well as improving your internal sales efficiency.

TPV Companies

Do you perform third-party verifications in retail energy marketplace? Learn how the platform can streamline your internal processes, while also improving your communication with clients.

Energy Consultants

Are you an energy consultant? Do you help companies manage their energy costs and contracts? Learn how the platform can make your job easier.

Energy Aggregators

Do you help companies and groups reduce their energy costs, by aggregating energy usage? Learn how the platform can make it easier to manage the process.

Energy Consumers

Are you looking to save money on your energy bills, for your home or your business? Would you like a web portal that enables you to self-enroll in choice plans and manages your contracts?

Platform Features

How? - The Joule Broker Platform and Applications were built using the latest technologies. Unified Communications, Omnichannel Call Center from within Joule Broker Platform.

Team Communications

Communicate with your team members using Joule Broker’s communication tools, such as instant messaging, voice and video conferencing all directly through the Joule Broker Platform.

Customer & Client Communications

Communicate with your prospects, customers and suppliers directly through the Joule Broker CRM. Communicate using voice, video, text/SMS, chat and email, all from within the Joule Broker Platform.

Platform Security

Security is very important to the Joule Broker Platform. We have built in various levels of security, from role-based permissions, IP-controlled access and encrypted communications.

Business Processes

Processes are important, in any business, to ensure work is getting done efficiently, effectively and standardly. Business processes and workflows have been built into Joule Broker Platform, as a core feature.

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